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Medical Corporation Kenyukai Ozawa Dental Clinic

President Fumisada Ozawa

Message to young people
Do the things you have to do, or the things you want to do, without setting conditions. Someone who can do this is attractive, I think. Do things you want to do for the sake of other people and society. To survive life, it is important to have this capability, I think. The most important thing would be to live a healthy and active life, and to be a person who always expresses gratitude to other people.

I was motivated to become a doctor by my mother as she was working at a hospital. I chose to go to a medical and dental university, as I noticed that few doctors at medical institutions are familiar with dental problems.

Current dental treatment focuses on bad teeth and pyorrhea, or on using artificial teeth to keep patients healthy. But a lot of research has proved that treating the occlusion, the fitting between the upper and lower teeth, improves various illnesses.. I was shocked by the fact that the occlusion affects the whole human body and decided to specialize in the dental field.

Even slightly misfitting artificial teeth can affect dementia and cause back pain. I had a patient suffering severe back pain and adjusted the occlusion of this patient just a little. The back pain improved and it took the patient just an hour to go home, whereas it had taken him three hours to get to the clinic.

These days, medical doctors, too, have to have an appropriate understanding of occlusion, I think. After finding that occlusion affects the whole body as it slows the onset of dementia and improves blood pressure, I decided to spend my entire life and career on this aspect of dentistry, and founded the Japanese Academy of Occlusion & Health.

I want to help patients suffering from bad or misaligned occlusion. It is my mission, I say, to treat symptoms caused by it, such as stiffness in the shoulders, dizziness and dementia. I want to pass on my skills and knowhow in occlusion fixing, which were accumulated over many years of successfully treating patients, to younger doctors.

It is very unfortunate to see patients, who don’t know that misaligned and poor occlusions can be successfully treated, overwhelmed with drug treatments and clinical tests. The target in my career from here on is to make medical doctors, not dentists, understand that occlusion affects the entire human body.

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Medical Corporation Kenyukai Ozawa Dental Clinic
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