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Azabu City Dental Clinic

President Taro Itami

Okinawa Prefecture
Message to young people
Know what is genuine. It seems that the long-lasting economic recession following the collapse of the so-called bubble economy made the whole of society place more priority on efficiency and also made people passive. There can be no genuine happiness in a society built on concessions. Something good has a value and an individual grows up by making efforts to earn it. That experience then returns to the society to make it better. I want you to spare no efforts to retain this good cycle. As we are facing a super-aged society, our young generation has to work hard to provide genuine things to maintain our society, I think. As information and technology are progressing, there are a lot of books on the market about jobs that are to be eliminated 10 years from now. But, genuine things survive under any circumstances. Let’s work hard together.

I was completely absorbed in my dentistry studies at university. I studied really hard after realizing that a dentist helps people to eat, a desire close to a human instinct, and that it is a job that can make people very happy. But I began to think very differently when I was working at a university hospital. Back then, I was specializing in the treatment for oral cancers, and I was disappointed by the realization that a human can never treat a human no matter how hard a doctor and patient work together because cancer is a disease that is so hard to treat. Such despair led me to Oriental medicine. As I studied mainly Western medicine, the idea of Oriental medicine ? seeing the human body as a whole and the natural healing capability of the patient himself as a treatment ? was very appealing. Each of the medicines has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, I am trying to create a dental clinic that merges the advantages of those two medicines, with a flexible approach rather than a fixed, established view.

The most important aspect of my work is to approach patients with a humble attitude. This is the starting point for everything. Then, to be confident. I cannot suggest a treatment to a patient without confidence in my diagnosis capability and techniques. Moreover, I cannot earn a patient’s trust without them. Since I became a dentist, I have had to learn a lot of things, and from here on, I have to learn more. One of my priorities is “to create a truly high-grade dental practice that offers genuine hospitality.” Under the current circumstances, “paternalism” dominates the practice of medicine in Japan, and patients are quite often treated without being asked what they want and without being presented options. It would be good of course if a patient’s condition improves, but it would be just mere violence to a patient if the condition worsens. Our clinical policy, which is strictly required for me and the staff, is to first create a comfortable environment for patients. In order to meet the requirement, we must have the capability to judge a patient appropriately. We also must be able to forecast in advance what kind of services a patient wants to be offered, and to improve treatment techniques. My motto for life is that I have to be happy with the surrounding circumstances first if I am to give affection to others. That is genuine hospitality, I think.

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