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Medical Corporation Raise, Dental Clinic K

President Kei Saito

Message to young people
You may feel safe and assured when you think about something, or when you do things the same way other people do. But I want you to know that it is risky in a sense. You can win a high evaluation for your work only when you are able to convince other people that your personality and capabilities, expressed in your work, are clearly different from others. That is why it is very important to have something clearly different from others, or to do something different from what other people do. In order to do that, you have to have your own non-negotiable judgment scale and to act on your instinct in your belief in that scale, without relying on what other people say.

I was up to my neck in sports at senior high school. When I thought about going to university, my mentor told me: “You would be no good as a usual salaried worker. You should get a job where you can act at your own discretion. Get some professional skills and live a life on your own.” The advice made me decide to be a dentist. But after going to a dental university, I found dentistry different from the medicine I imagined. At that time, I was disappointed with the career and decided not to be a dentist after graduating. Instead, I got a job at a police laboratory as a researcher, a completely different world from dentistry.

At the age of 30, I had to quit the job after I was injured in a traffic accident. In the following half a year, I reviewed my career and thought that a dentist should be an operator or a manger of a dental clinic, not just someone treating patients. I decided to set up my own dental clinic and introduce my unique treatment policy, which is different from conventional clinics, and to make mine comfortable to patients.

Behind my goal to offer a new type of dental service is the thought that dentistry is not about curing something. It is only to repair a loss and this concept hasn’t changed for many years, and it is a long way from the so-called progress in medicine. If there is progress in dentistry, it is concentrated on dental instruments, equipment and materials used for treatment. This business remains stuck in the conventional method of planting a foreign object in the mouth. Since the planted object is foreign to the patient’s body, it doesn’t correspond to changes to the body. So, the patient suffers the same symptoms again, has to go through the same treatment over and over, and will eventually lose the bad tooth. This is the reality. My dental treatment doesn’t follow the recent superficial trend of the dental industry, but offers something basic and straightforward, to provide the most appropriate dental services.

As for my clinic, I am not trying to make it one that is highly evaluated in the dental industry. Rather, I am trying to make it a medical institution that is trusted by patients. In order to achieve that, each of our staff has to try to do what they are supposed to, so that we can offer patients dental treatment not that makes them happy only temporarily, but dental treatment that is in their best interests for the rest of their lives.

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Medical Corporation Raise, Dental Clinic K
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