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Kitahama Kids’ Clinic

President Tadashi Kitahama

Saitama Prefecture
Message to young people
Nothing is impossible. It is the amount of effort you’re going to need to achieve something that seems impossible. Don’t give up because you think you cannot do something. Go all the way along the path you believe in with confidence.

I’ve always been quite popular with children, even when I was one. Kids always gathered around me. Because of that, it seemed quite natural to dream of being a pediatrician in a local town.

In general, it usually takes about 20 years to become experienced enough to open a clinic, after building a career at hospitals and other medical institutions, but my target was 10 years to open my own clinic after graduating from university. So, I found a hospital with a good pediatrics intern program and tried to build my career there for two years. After finishing the intern program, I had enough experience to be an effective member of staff. After five or six years, I started searching for a location for my clinic and a couple of years later, I found an appropriate spot where there were few pediatrics clinics, but lots of children. Although it was a little earlier than my original 10-year plan, I decided to go for it as I believed I had eight years of solid experience since graduating from university. However, I was only 33 and was told that it was too early, and that I needed more experience. But, I had an absolute confidence in the success of my venture as I had built my career focusing specifically on this one objective, and I thought the time was ripe. Fortunately, I had a lot of patients visiting my clinic as soon as it opened.

The most well-received words from visiting parents are “My children don’t cry at this clinic” and “My children want to come here even when they are not sick.” I think this is because of our policy that we don’t do anything that the children don’t want. I think they want to come here because they feel safe here. Asthma and atopic dermatitis are not my specialties, but they are typical children’s diseases. I studied those diseases by myself because I wanted to provide good medical treatment. Kids’ smiles were the driving force for my efforts.

I had managed to open this clinic and make it a success, not only because of my efforts, but also thanks to the support staff, those who were concerned and the patients. In order to solve the low birthrate problem, I think we need to create a society in which mothers and fathers feel comfortable working, and a society in which they feel comfortable raising children. What I can do is not only provide medical treatment for their children but also offer services to parents to help ease the fatigue of child raising. That, I think, would encourage them to have another child.

For now, there are a lot of patients nationwide who need the type of medicine I’m practicing. As the leader of a medical company, I am planning to open a second and a third clinic. Also, I want to create a place where mothers and their kids can get together to exchange information with each other, or go to the beauty salon while we take care of their kids. A place to give families healing and comfort.

Company Profile

Kitahama Kids’ Clinic
Kanagawa Prefecture
Pediatrics, Child Raising Consulting