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Ohshima Industry Group

Representative Yasutomo Ohshima

Fukuoka Prefecture
Message to young people
If you have something you don’t want to do, do it first.

I played baseball every day when I was little. I was ranked among the best players in Fukuoka Prefecture when I was in junior high school. So, after graduating, I moved on my own to Minoshima High School, in Wakayama Prefecture, which has a baseball team that is known throughout Japan, with big hopes and dreams. But I was really disappointed as I was overwhelmed by the huge gaps in the ability levels between me and the other players. They were so good that I couldn’t believe they were the same age, and was so depressed by my low-level baseball skills that I almost wanted to cry. That is why I practiced so hard, even finding more time for drills by not sleeping. After my last high school game, we went back to the dormitory and the manager, who had never praised my play before, said to me, “Good work. You played well..” I cried when I heard the words, and at that moment, I realized my high school baseball days were over.

After graduating from high school, my father became ill, and I had to go back to my hometown in Fukuoka Prefecture to take over the family business when I was 19. Back then, I didn’t have any other options, and I didn’t have the time to think about the meaning of work, either. Even so, I managed to turn the company around because I had met some wonderful people and because I devoted myself to my work, and I am proud of it. After making a success of the family business, which focused on construction, I added a transport business to our operations. The company’s financial performance steadily grew as we had contracts with several major distribution companies. My approach has been to work hard with a humble spirit, so, I put the logo “Work Hard!!” on the sides of each of our trucks to create a new Oshima Industry.

It was when I received a letter from a family that I thought it had been a good move to become involved in the business. The letter said the family was about to move after giving up a store it was running as the business wasn’t doing well. One day, one of my company’s trucks stopped in front of the store, and the “Work Hard!!” logo on the truck caught their eye.. They felt it was fate, and they decided to try again. The business picked up and became a success. They sent me the letter to thank me. This is another form of fate, it seems. I thought it was good to take on this business. I have a similar feeling about my employees and I think it is some kind of fate that they work here, and also believe there should be human ties between us. It is fate that we met here as they chose this company from among millions of other companies, as a place to work.

I am convinced that even if something hard and difficult happens, there will be opportunities when the difficulties pass. Two out, bases loaded, and you are still losing the game, then, then you have to Work Hard!! ? That is my nature, and that could be why I work hard on everything I do with a positive stance.

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