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Yukawa Rheumatology Clinic

President Sonosuke Yukawa

Message to young people
Nowadays, I believe the most important thing is to interact with people such as mentors, colleagues and patients. Out of those encounters, a firm determination grows to drive you to keep working hard. I support all your limitless possibilities.

Both my father and an older brother are doctors. However, when I was young, no one told me to become a doctor; I made the decision when my grandfather, who was very kind to me, died. He died of a stroke and I thought, if I were a doctor I could have made a difference. When I was a freshman in high school, I asked my parents to allow me to attend medical school, telling them that I wanted to be the general practitioner for my grandmother. I ended up going to medical school and, after becoming a doctor, I ended up working at a university hospital and taking care of my grandmother, who also suffered a stroke, as I promised.

While I was a resident at a hospital, I saw a patient, in her 20’s, visiting the hospital for treatment of her deformed fingers and wrists because of a rheumatic disease. I asked myself how we can stop the deformation of joints, and thought that she must have a difficult life because of the disease. That was how I made up my mind to specialize in rheumatology and collagen diseases, which were classified as incurable at the time.

Diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases have made dramatic improvements, thanks to recent progress in medicine. Because of that, rheumatic diseases are becoming “curable” if patients receive appropriate care by specialists after an early diagnosis. I opened up my clinic to spread the word to as many patients suffering this disease as possible; that they don’t have to live in pain. This clinic was founded on my conviction to maintain patients’ limitless possibilities, protecting them from being tarnished by the disease, by offering patients appropriate cares from early on.

When opening up my clinic, I wanted to just be one of the clinic’s team members. My idea was that all staff members share the idea that this clinic will be valued by the community, and that all staff will continue to work toward reaching this goal.

The number of patients suffering from rheumatic diseases is said to be about 800,000 nationwide. I want to share the realty of the current treatments with as many of them as possible to build hopeful futures by applying appropriate treatment for the disease.

I will work together with other clinic staff as a team to fulfill patients’ hopes, smiles and limitless possibilities.

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