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Tokyo Medicom Holdings

Chairman Yasuo Tsunenaga

Message to young people
Moving forward, you should learn how things in the world change and create your own business sense. Keep on thinking and you will have a wonderful way to spend your life. Good luck.

Since I was young, whenever I had an idea, I acted on it promptly. My father was a placid person, while my mother was very energetic. I was the second-youngest child of nine brothers.

My first association with the medical industry was in my previous career when I was working for a life insurance company. I was engaged in a business related to corporate pension plans and I covered the programs of doctors’ associations. At the time, I was just trying to enjoy the work.

I had many opportunities to speak with doctors and in my conversations with them, I heard many complaints about the cumbersome work of filing “receipt forms,” which are the monthly invoices to Japan’s national health insurance system to get paid for the majority of expenses for prescription drugs and treatments provided to patients.

One day, I spotted an article in a newspaper on the train about computer systems to automate back-office work for hospitals and medical clinics. I took the next day off and went to see the system, making up my mind to start a related business. That’s how I decided to form this business.

Of course I was under a lot of pressure when I started this business in 1975, but, once I’d started, I was determined to make it. My working policy is to do everything with 100 percent effort and those who understand this about me have helped me. It’s a way of paying back favors I’ve received. For those who trust me, I try to do something to earn that trust, and not disappoint them for believing in me.

Tangible things are destined to decay. So I’ve been trying not to disappoint my customers after they purchase our products, which are tangible things. Even when our products have problems, our staff is quick to help. The relationships with our clients and customers don’t end on selling our products; we want to build sincere relations with our customers and clients.

I’ve been working in medical support for 40 years. Moving forward, I’ll do whatever I have to do the right way. I also want to focus on promoting LEDs, digitalized medical records and e-payment, all of which are used in the medical industry, to promote smooth business transactions. Also, patients’ preferences are changing. I’ll also focus on introducing amenities in waiting rooms, so that patients and visitors of hospitals and clinics can relax.

Company Profile

Tokyo Medicom Holdings
Development and distribution of medical-use computer software and hardware