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Housing Success

President Norihiro Kaneko

Message to young people
I want young people to live their lives with seriousness and to work toward some goals. The goals don’t necessarily have be big ones such as something grand for their company or for society. The goals can simply be something for themselves, but I want them to work as hard as they can for them. If you are able to live your life as best as you can, something inside of you will change, and you will see your mission become clear and know what you have to do. I don’t want you to spend your days only to live a life without any purposes or goals. That is both boring and a waste of your life.

Since I was young, I have been a very active person. I much preferred playing outside rather than playing video games in the house. As a student, I didn’t study much, but I always got good grades on my tests as I knew how to study to score well on them. I wasn’t a physically big child, so I spent days on exercises to develop my muscles. At one time, I had a dream to be a boxing world champion.

When I decide to do something, I always want to be best at it, and that has been my personality since I was young. Otherwise, if I decided not to do something, I didn’t even think about it. I ended up getting kicked out of high school and had to enroll in an evening high school. It took longer for me to graduate and I graduated when my former classmates were graduating from universities.

I liked cars, so, I got a job washing cars after graduating high school. My boss at the time changed my ideas about working and talking to him was the turning point in my life. “Work for yourself, not the company,” he told me, and I remember his words to this day. It is for yourself and it is for your family. The word, “for,” has all the meaning, I think.

After that, I stopped paying much attention to people’s reactions or responses to my words and deeds, and quit worrying about people’s opinions of me. Instead, I was able to do my work with a solid conviction and belief in myself. Without hearing from my boss, I would not be where I am today. It was a tough blue-collar job, but it gave me a deep understanding of the service business. I was really glad to hear “thank you” from my customers. A successful job means making my customers happy. It would be meaningless otherwise. And, I have nothing but gratitude to my parents, who didn’t give up on a child like me.

For the first three years after forming my company, I worked as hard as I could without a break. It was a time when online property trading was gaining popularity, and I remembered I made about a \5 million investment in the business soon after starting the company, but I gained more customers than I expected.

I will try to gain more trust from our customers, and will try to please more customers with my work. Also I want our company to growth further, and my next goal is to reach revenue of \10 billion.

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Housing Success
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