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Kenshow Corp.

President Tatsuo Nishimura

Message to young people
To all the young people who bet their lives on life. Do you know yourself? Do you feel latent possibilities in yourself? Do you see the importance of meeting other people? Do you consider every conceivable possibility and are you making an effort for your future every minute without being distracted by something easy? All those questions create your future, and will be the keys to future possibilities.

When I was young, I was a quiet child, not good at studying, not good at sports and not good at pushing myself. I was absorbed in plastic models of a robot character on TV. My parents were worried about my future, as they could see I wasn’t very good at things when I was little. Later, they learned that I was better with my hands than most, and thought that “Learning professional skills is the only way for this boy to have a future.” When my parents had our house built, I only helped the carpenters a little, but I remember having fun doing it. After that, my parents decided I should pursue carpentry as a profession.

After graduating from high school, I got a job at a local architecture company in my hometown. After spending a year in a training program at a human resource development center to learn basic things about carpentry, I was assigned to construction sites.

Since my mentor was mainly engaged in Japanese traditional architecture and in building temples and shrines, I learned a lot about it.

But, the architecture company’s business turned sour. The number of carpenters at the company eventually fell to just five of the 20 who were there when I joined. We were always cleaning the warehouse because we didn’t have any work to and were finally laid off.

After that, I became a drifter, wandering around all over Japan on a trip to “find myself.” I think I wanted to have some sense of achievement, as I didn’t have any goals or purpose. It was training to learn to live a tough life, as I was involved in a number of life-threatening situations during that period. When I ended my journey, all I had was \35. That is when I became very conscious about money.

After coming back from my drifter time, I thought “Even if I get a job at another company, another bankruptcy or layoff could come.” That’s when I thought that I’d better take care of my own life and decided to form my own company. It was exciting to put my best efforts and top business priority on techniques, raw materials and blueprints to fulfill my customers’ wishes. That was something I couldn’t do at the company I worked for in the past.

Our corporate goal, as a company, is to be “the best architecture company in Japan to make people happy,” and my personal goal is to be “the strongest I can be.”

Beyond the corporate goal, I see the company expanding into different kinds of businesses and into global markets. As for my personal goal, the goal itself is the imaginary picture of the most ideal person I can become. At present, I don’t know when I will be satisfied with myself, or I don’t even know if such a day will come. The only thing I know for now is that I want to enjoy doing meaningful business while working toward those goals.

Company Profile

Kenshow Corp
April 2010