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Dao-Heuang Group

President Leuang Litdang

Message to young people
In my opinion, elderly people in Japan are generally very cheerful and working hard as well, and the younger generation respects them. I would like to be one of those elderly people. It has been 20 years since my company's launch. There have been numerous problems and difficulties since its launch until now. Although it is very important not to give up; even if you fail, stand up again, do not give up. Also, remember to have patriotism. You are also working for your country.

I was born as a first daughter of eight siblings. I had to take care of my siblings when I was young. When I was young, I did everything I could to earn money for a living and to help my family. For example, I was helping other families with their laundry or house cleaning. Also, I was selling grilled sweet corn.

When I was selling products by myself and doing my own business, everyone asked me, "Why don't you start your own company?" Although at that time I did not have enough courage to do so, finally, I got some advice from people and decided to launch a company. I do not think of myself as a clever person, but somehow I'm good at calculating when it comes to business. I decided to produce and sell coffee beans because I often saw European people buying coffee beans from Laos when I was young. Therefore, I decided to mainly cultivate Lao coffee plants.

Coffee plants are not strong against cold and foggy weather. When I planted them the first time, they all died from the weather conditions. After that experience, I decided to plant tamarind trees. Tamarind trees are quite similar to coffee plants and tamarind trees protect coffee plants from the fog. More than that, coffee leaves, which are edible, do not get bitter or spicy and we can sell them as a product as well. Competition with other companies is always difficult for us and it is a pain. My biggest concern is that sometimes people spread false rumors about the company. Those rumors can affect the company reputation. I do not do anything bad and hearing those rumors is very sad.

Some people may say my company is getting bigger and bigger. I do not agree with that. It is the fact that more customers are willing to buy our products and we are getting popular, it is not about my company's growth. We receive many offers from companies in various countries that want to be our sales representatives abroad. Our coffee is definitely getting popular in many different countries worldwide. I would like to keep working on producing good, quality coffee beans, and work hard to produce coffee beans that are even better than the current quality. I would like to produce coffee beans that are unique to the world.

Company Profile

Dao-Heuang Group
Coffee bean production and sales, management of coffee shops