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Director Toshio Kon (Leo A.T. King)

Message to young people
Material goods, money, social status and power — these are not what people should be chasing after. Greed and egoism is the source of war. People should live their lives honestly, virtuously and benevolently while enjoying the arts. Strive daily for tomorrow and be thankful for all that you have been given. Listen to you heart and act out of love of mankind.

The King Clinic is where I carry on the legacy that was handed down from my father, who was invited back to Japan by General MacArthur during the Allied Occupation, to provide medical care for U.S. army officers and diplomats.

Witnessing my father’s dedication to his work, it was natural for me to follow his path. I graduated from the Jikei University School of Medicine, after studying at St. Mary’s International School, and joined the surgical residency at St. Luke’s International Hospital to obtain the ability to deal with wide range of diseases and patients. After my father passed away, I took over the clinic to provide medical care for the international community.

At the same time, I decided to challenge myself by entering a new area; travel medicine, focusing on the vaccine field. Vaccination has been undervalued on the Japanese medical scene for a long time. It has great potential to protect people’s health, however the importance of it has been overlooked. I wanted to change the people’s perspective toward vaccines and wanted to support the quality of individuals’ lives. To meet the demands of international residents in Japan, I started to import front-line vaccines. Initially, I was catering to the members of international organizations and government-related projects. Later, my life as a general practitioner and a vaccine expert extended into the pediatric field. As I developed my career in this field, I realized that I was the leading vaccine practitioner in Japan. Today, I am honored with invitations to give numerous lectures and field requests to write articles for the next generation of doctors.

As the director of The King Clinic, I cannot deny the motto of my alma mater runs deep in me. “Thy shall treat the patient as human, not as illness.” It means, in offering medical treatment, we treat not only the diseases themselves, but we also have to pay attention to the feelings of those who are sick and ailing, as well as the patients’ lifestyle. In order to provide the best medical service to all in need, we need to try our best to provide a relaxed environment. I recognize the patient as a part of the care-giving team and respect their right to be involved in the discussion of the treatment plan. For the same reason, we avoid over-medication and over-testing of our patients, as well as not performing medical services for our own interests. If the patient needs to see a doctor at another clinic or hospital, we do not run tests that are likely to be repeated at the succeeding clinic. Rather, we promptly introduce the patient to a specialist for more suitable treatment.

In everyday practice, the goal stays same as my father’s — whoever visits my clinic, whether for treatment, vaccines, or simple check-ups — I want to see smiles on their faces when they leave the room. Besides our immunization and travel clinic aspects, the reason for sustaining the status of being a general practitioner is to be able to confront common ailments and being “the” clinic for the international community.

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