100 Next-Era Leaders in Asia 2015 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

Oktokki Imagineering Co.

CEO An Yuen Whoi

South Korea
Message to young people
I really want young Japanese people to visit South Korea since I learned a lot of excellent things when I visited Japan. What I especially hope is that Japan and Busan would get connected by an undersea tunnel. That would help to enhance the relationship between the two nations more.

I studied management as well as petro-chemistry in my student life.

I entered Oktokki, which my brother founded, to help him. The first company I worked for after graduation was GS Caltex Corp. and I worked in a design team for three years. GS Caltex Corp. was a big company so I hesitated a bit before I moved to Oktokki.

It costs from 5,000 won to 200 million won to create a proposal document. Therefore, a proposal can be life-threatening for design companies. It is hard to tell if one proposal will succeed or fail, but we are in charge of about 30 of those big projects a year. We win about 30% of the projects we bid for.

I want to develop my company so that people associate the name Oktokki with theme parks in South Korea. Overseas, South Korean technologies in the design and IT fields are evaluated highly, so I set a goal to expand overseas. I want to try other fields besides design, though it is hard to find something else.


Oktokki Imagineering Co.
Design and construction of theme parks and exhibitions