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Hoan My Medical Corporation

President NguyenHuu Tung

Message to young people
So long as you are alive, you must have dreams. Even if it is a big dream, someday it will definitely come true. By taking things positively, we can overcome pessimism and heroism that always exist in life.

I grew up in a rural area of Vietnam and grew up in a huge family. I had many siblings—three boys and seven girls. Since I was a boy, I was able to receive more education relative to my sisters. I wanted to find a job that would contribute to my family and to society, so I studied hard. The initial thing that motivated me to study medicine was when my brother started to study medicine at university. I recall being impressed by my brother, who helped a sick person on the street. Following the footsteps of my brother, I went on to study medicine for seven years at university.

Since I was able to graduate from university with a good grade, I was able to work at a hospital in Quang Nam Province, thanks to the mediation of the Vietnamese government. This was at a time when young doctors could not work at big hospitals, and I was very fortunate to have been given such an opportunity. After working there for two years, I obtained a senior position as a pediatrician. Many children were brought to our hospital from provinces far away, and a great number of these children passed away within twenty-four hours of arriving. I felt powerless in such circumstances, and began to question such a system. Eventually, I could no longer feel much meaning in staying at the hospital.

There was a time when I was able to serve as a medical volunteer. There were no hospitals in that region, and many children were dying daily. This was at a time when the Vietnam War had just ended, and much of the key infrastructure was not fully restored. At a time when I was despairing at my powerlessness at the hospital, there was a request for help from the government and I then decided to start my own company to improve the situation.

The zeitgeist at that time was that private hospitals were not recognized; as a matter of fact privatization in general was looked down upon. This made it difficult for me to attract hospital staff, but I knew that the only thing I could do was to fundamentally change the way society viewed private hospitals.

Hoan My Medical Corporation is comprised of a main and many branches in the periphery. It is important for us to spread our ideals of "the proper way to work," and the way of thinking that one's job at a hospital is a "mission." I hope that our hospital eventually becomes "the private hospital of the nation," and in order to achieve this I vow to continue to strive to do my best.

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