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Angel Cosmo

President Yoko Araseki

Message to young people
In running my business, I think an adult needs to be cool, or kids won’t relate. A person who can show kids a graceful way of living with determination is someone I consider cool.

Since both my parents worked when I was little, I, as the youngest child, spent most of my weekdays at my uncle’s place from when I was three years old until I was six. My uncle ran a general store and I started helping him when I was three, selling eggs by weight. In helping at the store, I learned a lot about money. My uncle and aunt didn’t have any children, so they took really good care of me and we played many games everyday. Spending so much time in someone else’s house made me notice the many differences between it and my parents’ house and I believe that was the driving force for my career path. When I became a high school student, I had a dream of creating something tangible that could be used by people all over the world.

Through practical training at nursery schools and kindergartens when I was in university, I had the urge to create original education programs, and that was the trigger to get involved in my present work. When I was 22, I founded a cram school. Twenty-five years later, a former student came to work for me as a tutor. That inspired me to become involved in company management and that is the reason I founded this company.

The number of children diagnosed with developmental disorders has been increasing over the last 10 years. But a closer look shows that many of them turn out to be just like other children by the age of six after getting the right advice and treatment. I initially started taking care of those who came directly to my child care center, as well as those who wrote to me. Now, I have visitors flying in from all over the country, asking for my advice on their children. I’ve discovered that for some, I’m the only one that has been able to help them. I’ve made it my mission to help them, and I’ll devote myself to it, supporting parents taking care of children suffering form developmental disorders and helping them look forward to a better life.

More and more children around the world are suffering from developmental disorders, particularly in developed countries. I’d like to expand business first in Japan and eventually I’d like to show the whole world what we’re doing here.

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Angel Cosmo
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