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Kitahama Kid’s Clinic

President Tadashi Kitahama

Message to young people
Nothing is impossible. It takes your best efforts to break through something that seems impossible. Don't give up on something thinking you can’t do it, and follow the path you believe in with confidence.

I was an unhealthy child and was often sick, but because of my personality, I was quite popular among children and other kids always gathered around me leading me to dream of becoming a pediatrician.

As I moved through junior high school and high school, the vague dream I had when I was little, turned to the specific goal of becoming a practicing pediatrician. After high school, I entered a medical university. After university graduation, I didn’t stay at the university hospital to work, as I was seeking a position to better build my career. So, I spent two years as an intern at a national medical center. My time as an intern was very hard, but I learned medical techniques and gained know-how that could be used anywhere. After my internship, I was well experienced and able to immediately be an effective staff member. I worked hard with a vision of opening my own clinic within 10 years of graduating from university. Thanks to my efforts, I opened my clinic when I was 33.

In general, it usually takes about 20 years of experience working in hospitals and other medical institutions to open a clinic. So when I decided to open up a clinic at the relatively young age of 33, I was told that it was too early and that I was too inexperienced. But, I had absolute confidence in success as I built my career focusing specifically on my objective and I thought the time was right. Fortunately, I had a lot of patients soon after opening my clinic. The best thing I heard from my patients’ parents was, “My children don’t cry at this clinic, and we come back because the kids want to.” So, sometimes even healthy children came to visit. This is partly because of my personality and character and also because of clinic policies of not doing anything children don’t want or any unnecessary treatments.

I consider medicine to be a service business in this day and age. It is my obligation, as someone engaged in such a business, to offer medicine that satisfies patients and that is what I am practicing. That does not necessarily mean doing what a patient tells me to do, but it means giving the best medical care to sick children and their parents. And, because of the unique nature of pediatrics, that also means offering medical care with the best outcome with the lowest burden on sick children, which is in line with my clinic's philosophy.

For now, there are many of patients nationwide who need the medicine I'm practicing. As the leader of a medical company, I want to open a second and third clinic, pushing forward to create "a world of parents living in peace."

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Kitahama Kid’s Clinic