100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2015 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

Geleximco Group

CEO Vu Van Tien

Message to young people
First of all, I want to pray for the health and happiness of Japanese youths. It is important to follow in the footsteps of the previous generation that made Japan an economic power.

My hometown was very poor. People around me had a hard time making a living. One of the main reasons was the Vietnam War that lasted until I was a high school student. After the war was over, we had peace. I went to a military technology university and an economics university at the same time. I liked studying, and thus studied hard and graduated from both.

When I was working after graduation, I was having complaints about working conditions. Then the laws changed and private companies were legalized. Vietnam itself was trying to integrate into the international economy. Thus, I established my company in 1993.

The number of foreign partners gradually increased and my company began producing motorcycles. In 1995, we formed a joint venture with Honda Motor Co. The production volume of motorcycles began with several tens of thousands and has now reached to several million. This was also a great opportunity to learn various things from Japanese people and companies – new technology and know-how on using human resources. At first, we borrowed lots of money from banks and other entities. As the motorcycle business kept making a profit, we paid back the debts.

Looking back, I understand it is important to have hope when there is risk. What I am always thinking is that we will not lose everything no matter how unlucky we are. I would like to make my company bigger, give chances to work to many people and contribute to the country and society.

Company Profile

Geleximco Group
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