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Meikeikai Medical Corp

President Toshiaki Takizawa

Message to young people
Do not set limits, but believe in yourself. Invest time, money and energy in yourself and go forward into the future.

When I was in junior high and senior high school, I wasn’t sure if I should concentrate on my school studies or my university entrance exams. Since I had to study anyway, I decided I’d rather pursue something directly related to my future career, so I chose to study for the university exams. By then, I’d decided I wanted to pursue a highly specialized profession such as a doctor, but because I thought it would be easier to become a dentist, I chose dentistry. Many dental students have doctors or dentists among their relatives, but I had none in my family, leaving me with no inside information on the profession. As graduation approached, I didn’t have a good idea of what I was going to do, and was just marking time. Without a clear plan, I was visiting many dental clinics and hospitals to see what they were like. At that time, I heard many stories about a dentist with a reputation for being both very strict and extremely talented. I was intrigued, so I did some checking on him and decided to join the school he ran, the International Dental Academy.

During my time at the academy, in addition to attending lectures, I repeatedly practiced dental technician work and training on models. After finishing the course, I started working at the International Dental Clinic, where I had the opportunity to observe a variety of top-of-the-line dental treatments. The clinic’s policy was very strict regarding not only the treatments, but also the cleaning of the workspaces before and after treating patients. I learned that people couldn’t reach world-class standards unless they pushed themselves under such strict conditions. That lesson is important to me and I really appreciated the rigid work environment. Through my experience there, I was able to form the image of the dental clinic I wanted to create as my own.

I place top priority on conducting pre-treatment counseling, as every patient is different. The right answer in the medical sense is not necessarily the right answer for a particular patient. I want my patients to be satisfied with my treatment by providing them with the best treatment option that is in line with what they want. I’m working to obtain high-end technology, such as CT scanners, so I can offer patients more treatment options.

Even now, I’m reminded that dentistry is evolving and I’m constantly learning new technology and gaining the know-how for up-to-date treatment methods. I also attend seminars every month and I hope to help people in the local community live healthier lives. I’m trying to offer my patients treatments that make them confident they can rely on me and I hope they look forward to visiting my office.

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Meikeikai Medical Corp
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