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MK Restaurant Co.

CEO & President Rit Thirakomen

Message to young people
Study hard and find what you want to do in life, something you feel passionate about. These cannot be found unless you look for them seriously. If you can find a career that you really aspired to, this should be better than anything else. We are like artists who try to create good works but returning to them again and again and improving them little by little. A beautiful work can be created with a repetition of very careful, not hasty, finishing touches.

When I was a child, Thailand was still poor. The people were less educated, with no opportunities for them to receive a good education. I was hoping to see everybody allowed to receive a good education.

I successfully entered the engineering faculty of the prestigious Chulalongkorn University. Because my long-cherished desire to receive a good education was achieved, I studied even harder at the university. I also helped my friends from time to time by translating their materials into English for them. Many of them were poor at English, so I helped them.

This experience led me to establish a company for publishing and selling books. That is the company now called Se-Education. Our company has 300 branches across the country. I launched this company with a few classmates who graduated from the university along with me. This was an achievement of my childhood dream.

As the company expanded, my life became gradually wealthy. This made me feel happy about the fact that we are providing less-educated people opportunities to cultivate themselves.

My wife had been operating restaurants. After getting married with her, I began to help her business. Restaurants in Thailand were poor in quality, hygiene and systematic management at that time. They were using gas cylinders. The use of this fuel caused accidents of gas leaking and, sometimes, fatal accidents with explosions. We came to realize that we should use safer, electrically heated pans. This made it possible for us to open restaurants that can offer delicious dishes in a safe and clean environment.

Everybody must be hoping to keep their health while taking healthy meals. The service industry is increasing its presence in Thailand. We hope to take a lead over other companies in this field. We also offer shows of dancers at our restaurants to entertain our customers. We also have many more ideas. We need more time to realize these ideas. But we will continue to grow and never stop. We plan to open one or two restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We have 300 restaurants in Thailand. We are the biggest restaurant chain perhaps in terms of pan dishes in the country. At present, we hope to increase the number of restaurants to 1,000. To this end, ingredients at our restaurants must be nutritious and competitive in view of global standards. We are continuing research and development toward this goal.

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MK Restaurant Co.
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