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M Link Asia Corp.

Monthatip Kobitchariaukun

Message to young people
First, know your ability. You must know yourself. Know what you like and what you are good at.

I grew up with an Asian way of thinking. I am from a large family. I had lots of siblings and the connection with them was very strong. My parents taught me the elder must take care of the younger and the younger must respect the elder. My family was running a movie theater and thus I was interested in business. I was thinking I would definitely do some sort of business when I grew up.

I moved to Bangkok and felt I had to do something. So, I began a small business as a mobile phone dealer. My business expanded to annual sales of 100 million bahts. I began with zero experience and became Thailand’s third largest dealer. The office also got bigger as the company moved into a building near the business district. Still, I thought the business of selling mobile phones was not stable, and thus I began a company to develop mobile phones. The company was involved in development with most of the makers of mobile phones sold in Thailand. Simultaneously, I increased the number of mobile phone sales outlets. Later, the economic crisis broke out and the market shrank industrywide. Therefore, I merged the companies and created M Link Corp.

The economy was in bad shape, but at least there were chances. I developed mobile phones nobody had before. That became a big success, which paved the way for the company to go public on the stock exchange.

I think the environment surrounding this industry will become tough and the industry will change somehow. In a saturated market like Japan, I think there are many different types of businesses branching out of mainstay businesses. Likewise in Thailand, we must find our niche where we have an advantage over rivals, and sometimes downsize in accordance with an increase in costs. We will always look for a way to save costs and seek efficiency, along with the advancement of information technology.

Company Profile

M Link Asia Corp.
Importing, developing and selling mobile phones