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FPT Corp.

CEO  Truong Gia Binh

Message to young people
I would like you to be a "global citizen." The Internet has made it possible to communicate with people all over the globe. Thus, the national boundaries are becoming fuzzy.
Even though there will be hard times, I hope you will be a global citizen.

After my graduation from high school in 1973, I went on to graduate school in Russia and was dedicated to learning. I was an associate professor there. After that, I returned to Vietnam.

I planned to build a team of scientists at the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology. However, my friend, who had studied abroad in Russia with me, told me that he could not live because of his low salary, so that led us to found FTP.

Since we were researchers and scientists, we did not have any money and any management experience. At that time, when Vietnam was beginning its reforms, there were no laws and no provisions about corporations.

We would like to provide smart service in various industries. I believe that my vocation is to advance the economy of Vietnam.

Company Profile

FPT Corp.
Hanoi / Vietnam
Information technology and telecommunications