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R Dental Clinic

President Ryo Sakai

Message to young people
I have a feeling that more and more young people think it is good enough to receive a moderate salary for a moderate amount of work. They seem to think the goal of their lives is to enter universities and simply get jobs after graduating. And it also seems that they think someone should always teach them how to do their jobs, rather than them learning the jobs. The starting line of life is when you are done with school and I want you to spend your days striving to do good work. I believe that those who are always prepared and who are ready to act will find success.

I was a physically small child, but was strong-willed, and sometimes fought with older children. I never started the fights; they always started because of their unreasonable words and acts. I was also curious about everything, and I was told that I gave my parents a hard time by always asking them “why” about almost everything.

A lot of people become dentists simply because their parents were, but not in my case. My parents are pharmacists and run a pharmacy and although I have doctors and pharmacists in my family, there are no dentists. When I was a student, I had a vague notion to be involved in medicine in the future, partly influenced by my parents. But, it was only a minor thought with no specific target, so I didn’t really study. Then, the dentist who had taken care of me since I was a child recommended the career. All the stories my dentist told me were those I had never heard before. I was intrigued by the challenging nature of the career and its diversifying specialties and decided to try to go to university to be a dentist.

After graduating from university a person then has to pass the national dental board examination. After passing, a person has to go through a training period at hospitals and clinics as a trainee dentist. Many of my friends, whose parents were also dentists, stayed on at the hospital of our university, Nippon Dental University, for training. I, however, trained at the Kanagawa Dental University Hospital. At a hospital I worked for after Kanagawa Dental University Hospital, my mentor was the hospital president who graduated from Tsurumi University. It was great to learn different treatment methods of two universities as a young dentist. I was also chosen as the president of a branch hospital at an unusually early stage of my career, and this made me to grow up not only as a dentist, but also as a human being and I am thankful for that.

Until now, my career objective as a dentist has been to give my patients the best treatment and learn things every day to improve my technique. This is nothing special and is something every dentist should do. I have been doing my best to do something I am supposed to do. However, I now have co-workers around me and gradually, I came to have two sides ? as a dentist and as a business manager. That means, my only concern until now as a dentist has been patients, but from here on, I have to think of my employees as a business manager. I think this gives me a chance to achieve something that I wasn’t able to at small clinics. Also, my clinic has our own dental technician's office to keep and improve the high quality of techniques. It is very rare case that a dental clinic owns their own dental technician's office in Japan, but it helps to provide quality of treatment to our patients.

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