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euglena Co.,Ltd.

President Mitsuru Izumo

Message to young people
People around me have said research on Euglena, which I have been engaged in for a while, was “uninteresting and insignificant.” But I didn’t let them discourage me and as I advanced the enormous potential of Euglena, they were forced to admit their error. From that experience, I learned there is no such thing as something insignificant. I believe everything can be helpful to society with enough in-depth research.

When I was a student, I took my first overseas trip, which was to become a big turning point in my life. I had desperately wanted to go overseas since I was young and I chose to go to Bangladesh, which is considered the poorest country in Asia at that time. When I went there, I thought I would see many hungry people. But I didn’t see any, as, even in such a country, grains were being harvested and people ate three times a day. Vitamins and minerals were in short supply, though, showing me that the problem was not hunger, but malnutrition. This began my difficult quest to find something that contained the nutrition necessary to address the issue.

Euglena was the strongest candidates for the source of this nutrition. Euglena contains almost all the nutrients that humans need. Producing Euglena in a country with a poor diet could solve the problem of malnutrition. Additionally, when used as a source of fuel, it can reduce the global environmental impact of standard energy production. However, Euglena proved difficult to grow even though there were many researchers attempting to do so. People told me to give up, but I wanted to try because I believe Euglena has the potential to save the earth.

In 2005, we succeeded in the world’s first mass cultivation of edible Euglena in an open-air environment. I had thought our business would be a quick success because we had done something innovative and Euglena contains one of the best nutrient mixes. But we did not receive as many orders as we had hoped because not many people knew of our success or Euglena’s rich nutrition.

Later, a company that was using our offices and from which we were receiving capital was hit by a scandal and our company was on the brink of going under. Surviving that, I vowed to make Euglena a success no matter what.

I am now working with people who share my belief that “Euglena can save the world” and I am lucky to have competent and skilled people help me and others who want to work with us. I am confident my dream of saving the earth with Euglena will come true.

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euglena Co.,Ltd.
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