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Osaka Shika Center

Dental technician Takayoshi Miyano

Message to young people
Go all out on your task instead of running away from it. That will be good for your future. So work hard.

When I was a young child, I just played outside and was not at all interested in academics, but I developed great enthusiasm whenever something interested me. However, after graduating high school, I was not interested in going to university or finding a job. So I just drifted for a while and did odd jobs. My parents got very worried about me and consulted a fortuneteller. The fortuneteller told them I would make a good engineer who would create things that did not exist in the world.

I later learned through my friends that there is a profession called a dental technician, and I went to visit one. As soon as I saw the technician work there, I said to myself, “This is it!” I thought that was the profession I was looking for and immediately enrolled myself in dental technician school. Since I also worked and accumulated experience at a clinic run by the head of the school, upon graduation I was ready to work as a dental technician right away. I made far more money than what ordinary company employees my age were earning. I then became a lecturer at a technical school. But I wanted to do more than just teaching so I set up a research lab where I could concentrate on making dentures. My lab began to attract young technicians and students.

As my lab became larger, I quit my job as a lecturer and set up a company with my friends and I became president. Since we were all amateurs as managers, we piled up debt of more than \100 million. Still, we continued to study and take orders from dentists and we managed to line up 240 clients. We worked hard to turn our business around and hone our skills at the same time.

When our skills gained the trust of many doctors and our company began doing well, a patient who had a problem with his dentures visited us. Since I am not a licensed doctor and am not allowed to touch inside a patient’s mouth to make a mold, I declined to serve the patient. The patient then asked us to open a dental clinic on a floor underneath our workplace and recruit a dentist. We did exactly that and began managing the dental clinic and the lab. That is how we opened a dental clinic, but we did not want to take on too many patients so we decided to offer only expensive treatments, which are not covered by national health insurance. Still, patients kept on coming.

I’m still not completely satisfied with the dentures I make. There would be no meaning in our work unless a person feels better as soon as he or she begins using our dentures. I want to teach younger generations the techniques I have acquired to help more people. I simply cannot let my expertise go to waste. I aim to nurture a new breed of dental technicians.

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