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New World One Corporation

Shigeyoshi (Tony) Hegry

Message to young people
In developing countries, I have seen people trying hard with a positive attitude, even greedily, to develop their nations and living circumstances, despite the low-level educational environment due to poverty and execrable hygiene and public works caused by delays in infrastructure projects. On the other hand, there are a lot of young Japanese people with little aspiration who think they already know their futures, despite living in this much more affluent country. I want them to regain the vitality to be impulsive and active. The goal of our business is to make a true international contribution by becoming a bridge between Japan and developing countries, leading to economic prosperity and increased employment in developing nations.

After graduating from university, I worked at a general trading company (so-called SOGO SHOOSHA) . There, I was engaged in a variety of work related to the steel, ferrous raw material, information and communications, motor vehicle and machinery sectors, working to be as adept in those industries as possible. Among the industries in the machinery-related sectors, automotive industry in particular is “process industry” just like the steel and petrochemical industries, with wide ranging peripheral businesses. I had experienced not only mere conventional transactions but also development investment, establishment of the company and its management, which is provided me a broad view of various kind of business processes.

The industry gave me a lot of opportunities to be involved in international work and I spent a total of eight years overseas, or more than 10 years including long-term business trips. Even in Tokyo, I was mostly engaged in international work or investment operations. A good Bangladeshi friend of mine, who I’ve known for 10 years, brought a business proposal to our company three years ago. The proposal was about a Bangladesh-focused apparel business under the slogan “Made in Bangladesh.” As a business consultant, our company accepted the job to make the proposal a reality and started this business with Bangladeshi staff. The apparel business was new to me, but I have not hesitated at all entering a new area, owing to the wide variety of international experience and knowledge of other industries I acquired through my work at the trading house. Things I always keep in mind when doing a job is to maintain a positive attitude and to maintain the energy for it. My motto is, as some Japanese old sayings say, that life is not full of something good, and something bad sometimes happens. This, vice versa, means that something good does come eventually even after a series of bad things. There is no night without a dawn. In other words, there will be fine day if it raining day. In any event, bad thing may be a sign of a good thing, good thing might be a sign of bad things. I can say that life should be well-balanced after all, as my philosophy of life.

If you pay attention to the details, however minute they are, and are diligent in making a continuous effort and striving for self-improvement, you will have a promising path in front of you, and will have a chance for success, I believe. We are suited to the Bangladeshi market thanks to personal networks, as we have a variety of connections to people in politics, government officials and business circles. My dream is to see Bangladesh become a much more affluent country, and to see the greatest happiness of the greatest number of people there. That is when I'll feel as if I’ve accomplished something.

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