100 Next-Era Leaders in Asia 2015 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

Enprani Co.

CEO Na Jongho

South Korea
Message to young people
Japan is the closest country to South Korea. I hope that young people in both countries cooperate with each other to develop in the global market by using their strong points.

After I graduated, I worked at Amore Pacific Corp., which is the biggest cosmetics company in South Korea. I worked there for eight years, and at the next company, I worked in the marketing department for 12 years.

And I established a consulting company by using my previous experience.

Resources tend to be limited for smaller businesses, but as for the cosmetics business, it is a branding competition. You might get a big sense of fulfillment when you make full use of the strategies. But it was really hard to achieve the goals by expending on publicity while lacking resources as a smaller business.

For now, we have set a vision called “33,” which means we aim to be the third biggest cosmetics brand in South Korea in three years. We have developed an online business division as well as a franchise business division. And we achieved the best monthly sales in March 2012 in 11 years of business. We will go forward with the “33” vision to keep the pace.


Enprani Co.
Manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics