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My City Clinic

Clinic chief Seiichi Hirasawa

Message to young people
Expand your knowledge and expose yourself to different cultures by going out into the world through travel and other means while you are young. I advise you to accumulate experiences not in cyberspace, but in the actual world. Take advantage of those experiences so that you can expand your imagination and be able to put yourself in other people’s shoes. I want you to have great ambition and dreams; start by overcoming lower hurdles to eventually achieve your dreams. There are things that are not within your control and you may suffer setbacks at times. But you lose out when you give up on your dreams. Your dreams will not go away but you can easily abandon them. Don’t run away from your dreams and make plans for your life with a positive mental attitude.

I was raised in Toyama Prefecture, which is known for its pharmaceutical industry, by my parents, both of whom were pharmacists and wanted me to take up medicine. I believe I began to dream about becoming a doctor after I read a biography of Hideyo Noguchi (who won international fame as a doctor and medical researcher) and was deeply moved by his story when I was in elementary school.

Noguchi’s biography made such a strong impression on me that I read the book again and again. Whenever I read it, I became more determined to be a doctor. I suffered many setbacks and not everything went well, but I somehow made my dream come true and became a doctor.

After becoming a doctor, I worked at a hospital affiliated with the Nippon Medical School, my alma mater, for 10 years. Then one of my patients, who worked in real estate, urged me to work in a retail complex near Shinjuku station at a clinic that was looking for a successor. In those days, I never thought about opening my own practice, but as my patient repeatedly asked me to take over the clinic, I began to think I wanted to offer medical services that would satisfy both my patients and myself. So I accepted the offer from the clinic.

In medicine, you have to put the well being of a patient first so I try to discuss their condition in great detail until every patient is satisfied. In treating my patients, I try to make use of the best practices of both Western and oriental medicine, as well as preventive medicine. Preventive medicine encompasses anti-aging therapy, use of nutrition supplements, treatment of male menopause symptoms and hormonal treatment of late-onset hypogonadism. I also cooperate (with drug makers) to develop medicines for urinary and other internal organs. I am dealing with a wide range of illnesses because I have a sense of crisis about the present and future condition of Japan’s health care system. Japanese society is aging faster than most other societies and the working population is shrinking due to the low birthrate. This is a pressing issue that needs to be resolved and it will become more important to help seniors with anti-aging and preventive medicine.

I also find it necessary to educate the public more about sexually transmitted diseases. I may sound like an alarmist, but I believe a country can be doomed by failing to give serious thought to these diseases.

I want to be a doctor who can help people become healthy and lively. Although my clinic is small, I hope it can contribute to the great future of Japan’s health care system.

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My City Clinic
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