100 Next-Era Leaders in Asia 2015 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

Super Bean International

CEO Kan Buaisen

Message to young people
No matter how dark the world may be, you can brighten your future if you are brave. Therefore, you can succeed if you work hard, have passion to make yourself better and seize a chance when it comes. Don’t give up. Keep pursuing. You can do it!

I entered the military right after graduating from high school. Then, I learned computer science at a university in New Zealand.

But I didn’t find computer science interesting. Instead, I wanted to come up with my own idea and run my own business. Actually, I had started a business before Mr. Bean, the bean food and beverage company I currently run. That experience helped me be prudent and able to think comprehensively in preparing to launch this business.

I am not the only one who should take credit for the success of Mr. Bean. It’s teamwork. The success is owed to everybody’s efforts. The company started small, but now has more than 600 employees. We now have a higher energy level. The entire staff is working with strong will to make people healthy and happy.

My goal is to have my company grow bigger and grab customers’ hearts. We want to satisfy our customers with our products. I believe such a connection with customers is very important. My home country of Singapore is a tiny nation. But I will definitely make Mr. Bean a global brand. Japan is the most advanced country in Asia. Consumers are very demanding about the safety and quality of food and services. I would like to take on the challenge in Japan with our teamwork.

Company Profile

Super Bean International
Making and selling bean food and beverage