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Sahid Group

CEOWiryanti Sukamdani

Message to young people
Implement faithfully what you have done and learned so far. Develop and deepen your career while thinking about what you have learned.

When I was born, my mother was still a student and my father was a patriotic police officer. He quit his job in 1951, studied business administration in 1953, and then got married. He was doing a normal job when I was a child and always told me, “We can fight not only in wartime but also in the economic field.” He launched Sahid Group just after his marriage to my mother.

I entered ITB, a famous university in Bandung, Indonesia, hoping to become an engineer and later when to study in Germany. But I ended up complying with my father's wishes and studying hotel management. After graduating from the university, I received training at 11 different hotels, including Sheraton, Marriott and Holiday Inn. I did every type of job, from food and beverage to room cleaning. Then I entered Sahid in 1979. Sahid Group had only three hotels around that time, but the number of its hotels had increased to seven when I became president in 1994. I was happy when my father told me to take charge of all our hotels. This was an extremely well-timed decision because I had already obtained the necessary knowledge and experience for hotel management.

We have divided our operations into four sectors. The first divisions deals with hotels and tourist and insurance companies, the areas my younger brother and I cover. He is also in charge of the second division, which covers hospital operations. The third division covers schools and training facilities, while the fourth deals with social work and welfare and volunteer activities.

Sahid International Hotel Management & Consultant is a listed company. Our goal is to make all divisions more profitable and strengthen the hotel business as our core operation.

Company Profile

Sahid Group
Operator of hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, welfare facilities and printing shops, and property developer