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Khamphay Sana Group

CEO  Khamphay Somsana

Message to young people
For the successful management of a company, the following four things are essential: a technique of thinking on one's feet situation by situation; keeping promises; thinking about quality; and cleanliness.

In my childhood, I used to live in the countryside and my parents were farmers. As my family was very poor, I started going to an elementary school at the age of 10 whereas pupils were usually supposed to start at the age of 6. After school, I had to help my parents by gathering firewood and raising birds with my father.

When I was concerned about unsold wood, I consulted Laos Vice President Oudom Khattigna. The vice president advised me to establish a construction business because I can run a company with unsold wood. I thought it would go well because I had enough basic materials even with a little capital from the government.

Basically, work requested by the government is paid for after three to five years. In the meantime, if the foreign market has changed, companies sometimes cannot make any profit because they are hard-pressed for their capital and depend on imports as a developing country.

In November 1998, Vice President Khattigna attended the establishment ceremony of my company, which led us to be in charge of government projects.

In years to come, I aim to expand my company to be recognized all over Laos and become a hero of Laos by expanding overseas.

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Khamphay Sana Group
Construction industry