100 Next-Era Leaders in Asia 2015 -The region's best brightest, most promising-


President Tomoyuki Mochida

Message to young people
I want young people to go through many hardships and experiences. They are a group quite often called “the take-it-easy generation,” but I think they are a wise generation. Perspectives of values in the current age are so diversified that we cannot compare them with those from the old days, and young people develop tactics and intelligence every day for making choices among the wide variety of value perspectives. That means, they make choices and actions by themselves. I want them to keep challenging things, without setting limits or worrying about what other people think. Then, their daily lives will turn into something very dramatic.

I was born into a family involved in the civil engineering business and I remember my grandmother visiting her employees and clients at home. I remember that I thought a company is just like a family and that is the basis for the notion that my employees are my comrades. I also had a strong wish to be engaged in activities in Tokyo and the global arena without setting any limits.

After I graduated, I jumped into the real estate business. Real estate is the largest purchase in a person’s life. I felt joy and responsibility handling purchases, but at the same time, I wanted to make the company I was working for bigger and better. I went to Tokyo when I was 28, with no inkling of making my own company. When the so-called Lehman shock hit the industry in 2009, I was working in sales and I realized something important. As a salesperson, I thought the signing of the contract was the time when my mission was complete. But for the customer, the signing of the contract is just the beginning. After realizing that, I wanted to be more involved in making customers happy.

I decided to form a company to make people happy, rather than just selling to them, founding 9Gates in 2009. The company started with only two staff in a 10 sq. meter rented office. We focused on building up relationships with potential customers. We didn’t want to do business as if “signing the contract is the end of our relationship with a client.” Doing business under the idea of beginning a relationship with the contract signing has gotten us where we are today. Our clients introduce other potential customers to us and about 90 percent of our sales comes from that, which is I think very rare for this industry. The first step to make people happy is to make our operations bigger with clients introducing our company to other potential customers, and enhance our post-sales services.

The name of the company, 9Gates, originates from a phrase “the entrance to labor.” I formed this company as I wanted to make money by making other people happy. But, if I don’t labor, I can neither make other people, or myself, happy. That’s why this job is my mission and I’m doing the labor myself.

Company Profile

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