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President Koji Togashi

Message to young people
If you keep making the effort to improve your capabilities, you will see demand for your talent at many companies. I encourage you to brush up your specialty skills and experience many things, whatever they may be. I wish you all the best success.

When I was a child, I was not good at communicating with people, and I remember being a quiet child. I really liked cars and other modes of transportation, especially airplanes and shinkansen. As I was the youngest child, my father, a customs official working at Yokohama Port, quite often brought me to work with him and brought me on board ships. This could partly explain why I liked cars, ships and airplanes. I liked making things and built a radio when I was in elementary school. When I was a college student, I was really into fixing up cars. Back then; in the days of carburetors and no fuel injection, I had fun putting engines together. After graduating university, I landed a job at a major carmaker. I was still not good at communicating with my co-workers, as I liked building things more than talking to people. But, I got over it little by little after I worked in other divisions and a dealership. When I was first assigned to a sales role, I found it interesting. The experience was like discovering a whole new world, and it gave me self-confidence to take on new things.

After the automaker, I moved to a shipbuilding company before I started my own business based on power storage technology that I obtained while working at the shipbuilder. It was my intention to work close to my mother who lived alone in Miyazaki Prefecture. So, at first, I was not planning to have a big business, I just wanted to make ends meet. However, the Great East Japan Earthquake took place in 2011 and that changed my life. I thought my power storage technology could be helpful, especially after seeing growth in the awareness of the issue of electricity supply and demand. At the time, there was only me and one other power storage technology company in Japan. So, I formed my company in Tokyo with the support of an advertising agency president, a friend of mine who believed in my power storage technology.

I have been engaged in the research and development of power storage technology for quite a long time. I have been touting the importance of the technology, especially after natural disasters, but no one cared about it before March 2011. But after the earthquake, the whole world changed and I received many orders soon after I formed the company. I am doing business in line with current trends and it is doing very well on the back of the government’s feed-in-tariff measures. For the solar power business, the installation of the equipment is not everything, because generating power with the equipment is also important. I am making working every day to make our unique solar power systems safer and easier to use.

I want to specialize in the renewable energy business and make contributions to the industry. As part of that, I am now engaged in the development of CFC-free natural refrigerant gas. Solar power, power storage batteries and natural refrigerant gas ? those technologies, I strongly believe, should be used more in various fields and industries, and because of this belief, I am confident of what I am doing. I am eyeing moving into the hydro and wind power businesses eventually, and I believe that the only way to gain customers is to improve technology that can contribute to the renewable energy business.


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Solar-powered batteries and power storage systems