100 Next-Era Leaders in Asia 2015 -The region's best brightest, most promising-


CEO Hiroki Nakamura

Message to young people
My life changed in just a few years. I had no money, experience, knowledge or connections and felt I was an unlucky person. Even though I had nothing, I managed to turn my life around. What’s necessary is the determination to change. If you face yourself and accept the fact you have nothing, you have a starting point. If you focus on yourself and your future, you will definitely see good results. I’m still young and will play a vital role in making Japan a better country. I’d like to lead people who have the strong will to be better and make people better.

Unlike I am now, I wasn’t good at talking to people when I was a child. I liked manga and once I started reading, I’d read all day. I didn’t have anything I particularly wanted to do. I played soccer in elementary school, pingpong in junior high school and tennis in high school. I simply did whatever I wanted to do. After high school, I went to school to become a hair dresser because I just wanted to have a skill. I never thought about my future seriously and just wanted to have fun.

When I was studying to be a hair dresser, I saw a book titled, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” which dramatically changed my life. I had just randomly dropped by a book store and saw a stack of the books. In a fateful moment, I took one of them and began reading. Until then, I had only read manga and that was the first book I read without drawings. I was shocked as I had lived without really thinking about my future, but the contents of the book were so shocking that I began thinking about my future. I felt strongly that I wanted to be a rich dad.

I began working for a real estate company because I wanted to learn about real estate. But the company I was working for went bankrupt. After that, I worked for several companies, but I kept losing my job due to the poor economy. By the age of 22, I already changed my job four times. Around the same time, my wife’s company went bankrupt. I had hit rock bottom. I couldn’t pay rent, my wife returned to her parents’ home and I sold my car. I had never felt so pathetic. My wife also had a baby around that time and I felt very insecure about the future. Luckily, I was young and had a chance of finding a job, but I thought I couldn’t support my family if I fell on similar hard times when I was 40 or 50. I began thinking that working for someone else wasn’t a good way to protect my livelihood and I began thinking I should stand on my own.

I think my goals change every day. Until recently, my goal was to enrich my life, but it’s different now. I feel my life wouldn’t be fun if only my family were rich. I didn’t realize it until I became reasonably wealthy, but life is better if you have friends who have the same goals and see things the same way. My goal now is to help people around me succeed. And I would like to enlarge this circle of success and have a good life with my friends.

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