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G.O.D. Ltd.

CEO Douglas Young

Hong Kong
Message to young people
Go for your dream proudly as youth!

Since 1965, I have grown up under the influence of my father, who was an engineer. My father used to like drawing and I was often at my father’s side and watching him work. So I started drawing, too. Then I decided to get a job related to drawing and flew to the U.K. to be a designer. After I returned, I chose to be an architect. I majored in architecture at the same time as in design.

In Hong Kong, creativity was not really necessary in working as an architect, so I really wanted to run my own company as soon as possible. By chance, my friend who was also an architect had the same idea as I did and we established a brand together.

With a goal to be a different company from other design companies, we designed items by ourselves. And since we produced the products domestically, our strategy to create high-quality goods at reasonable prices paid off. There was a big economic crisis in Asia one year after we founded the company, but despite that we could develop as one of the big brands in Asia thanks to the good word-of-mouth spread by our customers as well as our persistent business development.

I think we have a responsibility to take over our own culture so as not to diminish it in the next generation. It must be an important thing to do for all the generations.


G.O.D. Ltd.
Hong Kong
Manufacturer and retailer of furniture and daily goods