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Ohshima Industry Group

President Yasutomo Ohshima

Message to young people
I want you to burn bridges when you get a job. That means, I want you to put your life into the job with as much resolution as possible to doing the job. Experiences, including faults and failures, you go through when you are young will make you in the future. Experiences are defined by whether you run from them, or face them. It is simple and I don’t want you to have a convenient bridge to run from things. I want you to face it and to show gratitude to the people around you at all times.

I was very into baseball when I was young. After graduating from junior high school, I moved by myself to Wakayama Prefecture from Fukuoka Prefecture to enter a senior high school that had a well-known baseball team. I entered high school with big hopes and dreams as I was among the best junior high school baseball players in Fukuoka Prefecture. However, I was really disappointed as I was overwhelmed by the huge gap in the levels between me and other players. However, despite being homesick, I practiced really hard, sacrificing sleep in pursuit of my dream of being a professional baseball player. The things I learned through baseball are significant treasures to me, and they greatly influence my business even now.

After graduating high school, my father became ill, and I had to return to Fukuoka Prefecture, taking over the family business when I was just 19. To gain the trust of the older employees, I worked hard with no thought of my salary for the first five years or so. I am not a hard worker by nature, but I had to become one to protect my employees. It was a kind of fate, I think, that my employees and I met after they chose my company from among millions of others; I believe there should be human bonds between us.

I added the transportation business onto our existing construction business. Our motto had been to work hard with a humble spirit. So, I put “Work Hard!!” on the side of each of our trucks to create a new Ohshima Industry. It was when I received a letter from a family that I thought it has been good to do this. The letter said the family was about to give up on a store it was running, as business wasn’t going well. One day, one of my trucks stopped in front of the store, and our motto on the truck caught their eyes. They decided to try to turn around the business, and were successful. They sent me the letter to thank me. It seem this is another form of fate and it reaffirmed my doing this business.

Our mission is just to do our job properly and methodically every day. Even if something hard or difficult happens, I’m convinced that opportunities come after difficult times. Two out, bases loaded, and down by a run you have to “Work Hard!!” ? that is my nature, and that could be why I work hard on everything with a positive attitude.

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Ohshima Industry Group
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