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Shanghai Yusheng Enterprise Development Co.

CEO Ni Sili

Message to young people
Young people nowadays are blessed with a better environment than our generation. Therefore, if you do not give up, I believe you will succeed.

My family was very poor when I was a child. My grandfather and father were doctors, but my family could not eat properly. Therefore, we raised sheep and pigs to make a living, and sometimes ate wild grasses. Still, I had the ambition to be an entrepreneur and do something big.

After graduating from junior high school, doing jobs on rice fields and raising pigs and cows, I entered a factory making bricks. I tried really hard at work and willingly took a type of job nobody wanted. That earned me praise and I was appointed the chief of the factory in six months. Back then, the factory was operated by the state, and thus I was the person responsible for the factory. Later, the factory became privatized due to the state policy, and I became the president.

I worked for the factory for seven or eight years. The brick factory required hard work and made little money and I wanted to solve these problems. Then, I conducted market research and began manufacturing cables and enamel wires. I first thought cultivating the customer basis was important, but that was a hard task. Back then, everything about machinery and infrastructure was controlled by the state. Thus, I met a person working for a company making machinery and power-generating equipment in Shanghai, who was from the same birthplace as I was. However, the man, who was a company executive, didn’t take me seriously because I was a farmer. But I never gave up, kept visiting him and finally he listened to me. There were no cars then, and thus I walked until my new shoes had holes in them. The reason I kept trying hard was for the hundreds of employees. It would have been difficult if I had tried all by myself without everybody’s help.

My goal is to let the company continue 100 years. The company has been relying on labor until now. But from now on, I would like to put the emphasis on technology and knowledge.


Shanghai Yusheng Enterprise Development Co.
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