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TWG Tea Company Pte Ltd.

CEO Taha Bouqdib

Message to young people
My advice to young people in Japan is to believe in your dreams. Not just waiting for things to happen but to believe in yourself, believe that you will succeed and overcome the obstacles.

My father worked under the king of Morocco and was always visiting Morocco and Paris, back and forth. Therefore, I had the opportunity to become familiar with two different cultures. From Morocco’s culture I learned about scent and color and from Paris’s culture I learned about grace and extravagance.

When I was young, I lived near the Chinese Embassy. On Chinese public holidays, we would receive tea and calendars. From there, I gained more familiarity with tea and started to import tea from Singapore. Even though the tea was not grown in Singapore, it was where the different kind of teas from Asia was gathered.

After starting TWG, one of the obstacles we had to face was how to describe the teas and communicate it to the customers. In order for our customers to enjoy TWG’s luxurious style, we put a lot of effort into the design and buildings. Therefore, we had to put a lot of power into educating employees. This was all done to communicate the TWG style, how to enjoy tea in a luxurious style. Our company goal is to advance to big cities around the world like Paris and New York. TWG’s dream is for our customers to understand and enjoy the hard work that goes in to maintaining the quality of our products and to realize the uniqueness of our products in the market. My dream personally is to be able to enjoy a cup of TWA tea in countries all over the world.


TWG Tea Company Pte Ltd.
Importing and selling tea, tea salon management