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Harikyu Kishinin

CEO Issai Adachi

October, 1949
Message to young people
I originally became a public servant because I wanted to better society. My acupuncture clinic itself is not my main job; my main job is to better the world. It is my hope for everyone that no matter what job or career you pursue, the desire to make the world a better place is your main job, too.

Harikyu Kishinin is a so-called acupuncture therapy clinic. However, we feel there are limits to ordinary acupuncture and therefore we focus on different things. You may have heard the term, “centering,” but my method aims to draw spiritual energy into the center of the body. While normal acupuncture focuses on inputting energy, I focus on drawing it. If I draw it, the body releases energy in more refined waves. It is my belief the waves emit light and have a soothing effect.

I was born in my mother’s hometown of Yamagata, in 1949, but grew up in Koto Ward, Tokyo, and I am a pure Edokko (Tokyo kid). I used to play at a temple all the time and, as a child, I was rather shy and a bit of a crybaby. My father passed away when I was in third grade, so to support the household my mother worked 365 days a year. Upon entering junior high school, I also helped out by doing part-time jobs such as delivering milk and rice to houses, painting, and cleaning buildings.

After graduation, I worked as a public servant at the Edogawa Ward Office. I chose the profession because I wanted to do something good for the public, but I soon realized I wasn’t really helping people and came to dislike my job. If you hate what you do every day, it takes a toll on your body and it becomes hard to get out of bed in the morning. It was during this time that I was first introduced to acupuncture, directing me down the road that has lead me here.

After working at the ward office for 18 years, I opened up Harikyu Kishinin in Shin-Koiwa, Katsushika Ward. I was constantly studying to provide better treatment to patients, and found out there are paths for catching cold and feeling cold and tracing such acupressure points will heal the two. My turning point came when when I fixed the position of a breeched baby in a pregnant woman. I fixed it in four sessions of treatment, and I was so proud of this that I wrote about it on my homepage. Then, an acquaintance who saw the post told me he could fix it in one session. I doubted him at first, but as it turns out, he was really good. After that, I continued to study and discovered acupressure points on bones. The structure of a bone is airy and perforated like cotton candy. Activated charcoal is also perforated and absorbs smells and other things. In Western medicine, viruses cause colds and other sicknesses, but in Eastern medicine, catching cold and feeling cold are the cause of sickness. I noticed sick people often have swollen bones and thought bones absorb coldness. Bones expand when they absorb coldness and eliminating that will cure sickness. This is actually very easy. Housewives can acquire the skill by receiving simple lectures. The skill of drawing spiritual energy is applicable to posture, health and beauty.

Beauty shiatsu is very popular right now and my dream is to someday open up a school. I think Monaco would be the best location because it is a country where rich people gather. It would be wonderful if celebrities would come and receive acupuncture to become beautiful and spread the practice all over the world. I'm not motivated to make money by opening more clinics, as I don't think would be any fun. More than that, I am passionate to spread the beauty shiatsu to around the world and make the world better.

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Harikyu Kishinin