100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2014 -The region's best brightest, most promising-


CEO Cho Chong-Min

South Korea
Message to young people
I think there are three points to achieve success. The first point is to think positively. The second is to have communication with a lot of people. And the final one is brilliant decision making. To put them into practice well, it is important to try to accumulate a lot of experiences and to always heed advice.

When I was a child, I liked reading books so much that I was called a bookworm. However, in my home, there were only a few books that an elementary school student could read. From the bookshelf at home, I came across books that my father and elder brothers read. The books were the ones that were translated into Korean from Japanese and that a Japanese business manager wrote. I read the 30 books through at one go. When I was a boy, I might have been academically more mature than others.

My business career started out as a programmer developing software. Afterward, I joined a software company and, as a salesperson, learned the basics about sales. And then, after the company was sold, anyone could deal with the company’s former clients. Because I had a lot of experience and wanted to found my own company at least once in my life, I decided to do so to support the former clients. My company started with four members including me.

At first, we had a tough time with so much product development having to be tried. As three to four years went by, we became able to increase the perfectibility of our products and accumulate knowhow. At the same time, however, I came to realize that we should do more than develop products.

Although to think positively is not more than just my belief, I think that I have a positive attitude. If I have some troubles today, I consciously remind staff members and myself that someone has just started something today. Today, someone may have just founded a company and be having a difficult time. We, however, have a lot more than that. I will maintain a positive attitude.


July 25, 1995
Enterprise software development, consulting services