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Amata Corporation PCL.

COO Viboon Kromadit

Message to young people
There are many hopes in a man's life. Every business starts with a chance. The chance leads you to success.

I grew up in a family with a high education level. I initially entered a local elementary school in Kanchanaburi Province. I transferred to a school in Bangkok because my parents hoped to let me study in the capital. The high school was one of the five best schools in Bangkok. I studied there until the fifth grade, but I wasn't a great student at that time. I lost interest in studying and preferred to play. I came to recognize that there would be no possibility of entering any university. I would have to return to living with my family if I didn't go to a university. As a result, I entered Assumption University, better known as ABAC. I had to obtain a loan from a bank to study at the university. I had to repay the loan, otherwise I would be sued by the bank. That's why I tried hard to graduate as soon as possible and enter a good company.

I was employed by Shell Thailand as a contract worker. I worked as a computer programmer for two years, but the job was not so interesting for me. I started thinking about going into business. I also hoped to travel. I decided to begin an import-export company because such a business allowed me to tour various places for my job. I was later invited to invest in a factory operating business. It was a big decision for me, but the business was not successful.

After spending four to five years in such a situation, I decided to work as a contract employee at my elder brother's company because the economy had worsened. I started working as a low-rank manager, but I was promoted to higher positions gradually. At the company, able employees could obtain the jobs they perform for themselves. I worked six or seven days a week. As my hard work was appreciated, I obtained a president's post.

The Amata Nakorn industrial estate focuses on the Japanese market. It is outside of Japan, but one feels as if that is in Japan. At present, 60 percent of about 500 factories there are situated at a single site. Amata is an attractive location with favorable geographic conditions. Please realize your happiness there.

Since I started my career, I have been thinking about establishing a school. I graduated from a school in Amata City. What I am thinking about is a small school that has a capacity of only 50 to 100 pupils but gives children from poor homes opportunities to receive an education. I firmly believe my dream will be realized.

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Amata Corporation PCL.
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