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Haruki Ladies Clinic

CEO Atsushi Haruki

Osaka, Japan
Message to young people
Regarding jobs that you work on alone, I think it is important to refine your own sensibilities. In a nutshell, “do what nobody but you can do.” In fields where you work with others on a team project, the key to your growth is your professional attitude to address challenges. Actually, I’ve taught my younger colleagues that what is important to grow is, first of all, “to gather information fast.” And then, “to give your boss a succinct summary of information,” as well as “suggest solutions while seeking direction from the boss.” I believe keeping this approach in mind will drive your continued growth.

I was a boy who loved books and adventures and I once discovered a piece of Sue ware pottery in a restricted area next to a river. In my high school days, I didn’t spend much time on schoolwork and mostly thought about school festivals and sporting events and enjoyed my free time after school. Although I sometimes got into trouble in high school, I managed to graduate and accomplished my long-standing goal of being accepted to medical school after a year of prep school.

Entering university, I found the clinical lectures very interesting. Very differently from high school, I sat in the front row of most of the classes and I think this helped me to get good grades. Although I was invited by many professors to join their departments, I decided to start as trainee doctor at Yokohama City University, which provided “super-rotation” clinical training.

Thanks to the super-rotation system, I trained in internal medicine, critical care, heart surgery, obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics. I had a variety of experiences such as taking a patient suffering from an acute cardiac infarction to an emergency medical center, or attending an operation to dissect an aortic aneurysm, which took more than 10 hours. And after becoming a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, I have been involved in caring for mothers following childbirth.

However, what impacted me most was the couples desperate for a “new life.” When I was focusing my attention on fertility treatment in Osaka, I treated a couple who were in an abyss of despair because a renowned doctor informed them they had “no possibility of pregnancy.” I cannot forget the feelings we shared when the wife became pregnant after three months of my treatment. Every time I feel those couples’ hopes for a new life, I prepare myself anew for my mission.

My mission is to help those who are suffering from infertility give birth to a new life, and to support the couples as well as the new-born family members to become happy. I will continue to do all I can and, to this end, I think it is necessary to improve the general level of the fertility treatment in Japan. I have trusted friends specializing in various fields such as male infertility, perinatal period and endoscopy, and there are many others around Japan specializing in fertility treatment. By making full use of this personal network, we will be able to improve ourselves by learning from others beyond each facility and institution, and provide patients the most suitable medical services according to each case. I hope we can establish a framework in Japan that may bring happiness to all the couples who suffer from infertility.

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Haruki Ladies Clinic
Osaka, Japan
Fertility treatment