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Nishieifuku Dental Clinic

CEO Masayoshi Yamaguchi

Message to young people
It is very important to enhance your human qualities as you live your life. You need energy, politeness and honesty for that. In other words, if you have those qualities, it doesn’t matter if you can read difficult kanji characters or are good at math, you are sure to grow into a successful adult. It’s also important to tackle the task in front of you with your full potential.

I was the youngest of three siblings and my elder brother and sister took good care of me. But they were also my rivals and that’s how I became someone that doesn’t like losing at anything. Although I was sociable and found it easy to talk to strangers, I also have an introverted side and enjoyed making plastic models my parents bought. I really liked tedious handwork and that’s why I am good with my hands now. For that, I really appreciate my parents.

When I was growing up, I received treatment to have my teeth straightened, which took a few years. During that time, I became friends with a dentist at the clinic. The dental assistants were also kind and I felt good going through the treatment. I remember my teeth having been nicely straightened and that helped make dentistry more familiar to me.

I became interested in being a dentist as I liked using my hands and my parents recommended it. At the time, my parents were running a cake shop, which my brother now manages. They jokingly asked, “Wouldn’t it be funny if our older son runs a cake shop and our younger one has a dentist clinic next door?”

My turning points came when I decided to become a dentist and when I opened my clinic in Suginami Ward, Tokyo. Looking back, deciding to be a dentist was a huge decision because I had never thought about what I would do before then. When I opened my clinic, people told me I had a lot of guts. But I was scared because I was tens of millions of yen in debt.

My goal is to eliminate dentists’ unpopularity and improve their status. Many people have had bad experiences at the dentist when they were children and I imagine many adults are hesitant and scared of going to the dentist. We are unpopular now and that’s why my clinic has the motto: “We are a dental clinic that doesn’t do unnecessary drilling or pulling of teeth and we provide painless treatment.” We will continue to practice the motto and spread it. I would like to be a dentist who is appreciated by many people.

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