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Panghegar Group

CEO Cecep Rukmana

Message to young people
I would be happy if you understood us, including the Indonesian climate and customs. Please do business on a global stage.

My parents were farmers, but they purchased a hotel when I was a junior high school student. Then my family began a hotel business. My father was in charge of accounting and the front desk, my mother was in the kitchen and the children were at the register or procured goods. Helping out my family in the hotel business as a child may have been a good influence on me. I was helping at the hotel and going to school every day. All seven siblings went to university, and I am proud of that. After graduation, I went to study in the Netherlands to learn about hotel management.

After coming back from the Netherlands, I became a co-general manager of the hotel. It was a tiny hotel run by the family but has developed since 1960. The assets have expanded 10-fold now.

As the hotel got bigger, I was concerned about the worsening situation of the tourism industry in local cities. As it got worse, I thought the future of the entire tourism industry would be in danger. It was around such time that my father consulted with me and said that the hotel would have to file for bankruptcy unless things changed. Then we switched our direction from regular hotel management to condominium hotel management. That, I think, is a factor for which the hotel overcame difficulties.

My motto is “Use the means and God will give the blessing.” If you try, I believe you can do anything.

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Panghegar Group
West Java, Indonesia
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