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Meikeikai Medical Corporation

CEO Toshiaki Takizawa

Message to young people
Do not set limits, but believe in yourself. Invest time, money and energy in yourself and go forward into the future.

In my youth, I always wondered why we had to study so many subjects that didn’t seem directly connected to our future jobs. My parents ran their own business and that they didn’t seem to need what they learned in school helped their business also influenced by thinking. Therefore, I decided I wanted to be a specialist and studied with that in mind.

Intrinsically, I was interested in being a doctor, and because of my parents, I also thought of having my own business. So, I chose to be a dentist because I heard there were many opportunities to start an office and I wanted to treat patients with all my passion and ideas.

After I graduated dental school, I had the opportunity to work under Sumiya Hobo, who was a guest professor at UCLA's School of Dentistry for more than 20 years and the dentist who brought dental implant technology to Japan. Hobo was very strict about work and I clearly remember his words: “It’s not considered work unless you worked so hard you passed blood in your urine. Around people who do top-class work, the top-class will be.” During my two years at the International Dental Clinic in Shibuya, I tried to do my best to learn from him.

Even though Hobo’s clinic let me experience cutting-edge dental technology with top dentists, almost all the patients at the clinic were celebrities. In addition to my parents influencing me to start my own business, I wanted to help regular people and decided to open my own clinic.

The policy of my clinic is to be popular with many patients. It is said there are more dental clinic than convenience stores in Japan and under such circumstances, many clinics are likely to focus on making profit, with doctors recommending treatments that bring in the most money. But to run a long-term business, we have to gain trust from patients that will make them want to come back. To do that, we should never dispense treatments until our patients decide what they want to do. Instead, during their first visit, we should give them a detailed explanation about their symptoms and the treatment options and let them go home to think it over before deciding on treatment.

By improving services and trying new things, I will develop clinics that will be chosen both by patients and my staff.

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