100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2014 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

Taisin Industrial Co.

CEO Sopa Suyanan

Message to young people
Currently, Thailand is politically unstable. But I believe it will get better soon. If you want to start a business in Thailand or invest in the country, I advise you to travel to the country first. Then, you can decide what to do next. Even if there are difficulties, all problems can be overcome.

My father first came to Thailand from Taiwan as a student. He worked for a Japanese company for about eight years. Eventually, he started his own business and imported Japanese products. My father and mother are entrepreneurs, so I wanted to become like them.

My parents always took me on their business trips and to conferences as I was the youngest daughter of four children. Since that time, I have been aware of doing business. My mother ran a cosmetics and beauty business, I believed that I would succeed her in the business when I grew up as I like doing things related to beauty.

I graduated from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. My major was English and my minor Japanese. After studying in Japan for 10 months, I started to help at my mother’s company. First, I was an employee without a title. My mother put me in charge of Kanebo probably because I was her daughter. At that time, there was a manager above me, but that person retired from the company after six months. Then, I was promoted to a manager in charge of Kanebo, and was given full authority over meetings and marketing, and I became vice president.

The business model that I followed after becoming vice president was exactly the same as my parents'. My mother was my role model because I had never worked for another company. And my father is a hard worker. He was involved in the management, and my mother was in charge of cosmetics and accounting. The difficulty I have been facing is that young people these days have little affection for the company. Previous generations were more dedicated to their company or organization while today’s young people do not like to work as a team. When there's a problem in the office, I immediately intervene with my staff to solve it swiftly. If a department's sales drop, I meet with the staff and listen to what they have to say to solve the issue. Doing nothing is not good for the company.

I hope to lay a solid foundation for the business in Thailand, and eventually I want to expand the business to other Asian countries, including Japan, and create a global company.

Company Profile

Taisin Industrial Co.
Import agent; sales of cosmetics; Spa; Japanese restaurnat