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Fly Entertainment Pte Ltd.

CEO Irene Ang

Message to young people
What I want everybody to know is that there is hope in your daily life. Where there is hope, there is a chance. You can succeed as long as you don’t give up. I have experienced so many failures up to now, but I am who I am now because I have never given up. So please, never give up. Keep challenging.

I am known as a comedian and for appearing on TV in Singapore, but I was a shy kid. Also my body was not very strong. When I was a student, I was raised so that I could become independent early. And I bought games, shoes and other things I wanted with money I earned by doing part-time jobs.

When I began full-time employment, I was working as an ordinary office worker. Then an acquaintance gave me an application form for an audition. I was told to go to the audition next day, and I passed it. That is how I entered show business.

The worst experience in my job was handling a court case with an 18-year-old actress. The girl belonged to my agency and was given an offer from an agency in Hong Kong. The case was taken to a court and became publicly known. It became a news item in newspapers and the facts as well as false information were reported. Handling the situation then was very painstaking.

What I hope for is to make people happy in the way Walt Disney did and his company continues to do. Fly Entertainment will continue to produce for people’s happiness.

Company Profile

Fly Entertainment Pte Ltd.
Artist management, talent agency and school, publicity