100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2014 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

Design Park Corp.

CEO Kim Yo Seob

South Korea
Message to young people
Japan has excellent technologies and power in reserve, so if South Korea, China and Japan cooperate with each other, it would be possible that Japan gets a chance. To actualize it, the power of the young people is necessary.

I had dreamed of running my own company since I was little, and the first business I started was a gardening company.

At one point, most of my invoices went dishonored and my company was broke and I lost credibility, too. I got outraged and rushed to a remedy center with the dishonored notes, but a guy in charge told me that it was me who broke the company. It was my turning point and I decided to reform myself. I kept the company phone number that I used before the bankruptcy so as not to lose my credibility. Thanks to the number, I got an offer of a gardening project at a company’s ceremony, which turned out to be a chance to make a comeback.

I am always thinking about how to improve efficiency in transportation or how I can provide better services in the warehousing business, so that we can make customers happy. I value the spirit of altruism and my goal is to do my best rather than become number one. It is not easy to make customers happy. I taught my staff to treat their customers like their boyfriends or girlfriends and to grow with their customers. If their customers are satisfied, staff would learn from it and grow. I believe that many Japanese companies have been successful and have grown steadily because they know the customers’ demands.

From this experience, I learned there was no use whining about the company and a positive mind helped me to come back.

In the future, we want to advance overseas and design unprecedented equipment to establish a new genre.


Design Park Corp.
Manufacture and sale of outdoor fitness equipment, children’s amusement facilities, bicycle racks, etc.