100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia 2013 -The region's best brightest, most promising-

PT Binkomara Huma / Bin House

CEO Josephine Komara

Message to young people
As children, we touch and eat many things, and that is how our intellectual curiosity grows. If the curiosity is denied as a child, you will not be an intellectually curious adult and be afraid of challenging anything. You should always have heart to explore and learn something new all the time.

My parents were dynamic people. My mother was a type of a person who says what she wants to say clearly. My father also had the same personality. I grew up in a family in which I could say what I wanted to say. I used to play house with my friends when I was a child, so I wanted to become an ordinary housewife. I was also infatuated with the idea of becoming a firefighter. I wanted to make a hole between the first and second floors of my house and go up and down like a firefighter.

All I am doing is selling goods. This business is not something I created. It’s something that became as I went with the flow. I established my company after my friend told me it should be about time for me to establish one.

I began everything by myself. In time, I hired a maid and a driver, but I started with me. I was very happy when I sold the first fabric. Back then, there were many companies that gathered craftsmen and did the same thing, but I was the only one who entered the business of modern fashion retailing.

My goal is to create a type of fabric that Indonesia can be proud of. There are already many such fabrics, but I want to create something that can become an iconic brand.

Company Profile

Bin House Indonesian Creation
Designing, producing and selling batik and fabrics