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Torii Dermatology Clinic

CEO Yasushi Torii

Ishikawa Prefecture
Message to young people
There were times when Japan was cheerful even when it was a poor country. Why don’t we restore the spirit of Japan by working together?

I used to hate speaking in public and particularly to be seen by others, so whenever possible, I tried not to draw attention to myself. Although I wasn’t too bothered by always agreeing with other people, it didn’t mean I didn’t have my own opinions deep in my heart.

I grew up watching my father, who was also a doctor. Although I was never able to see his work, I believed he worked diligently and sincerely for his patients. Because of this, I didn’t really miss my dad even though he often didn’t come home until late at night, but I wanted to be like him when I grew up. In this sense, although it was only a vague feeling, I knew I wanted to become a doctor. However, when I was a student, I realized it was not easy to get into medical school, so I didn’t tell anyone my desire to go to medical school.

In the end however, I was accepted by a medical school. A meeting with a dermatology professor made me decide to become a dermatologist. Since I thought dermatological diseases could be easily cured and the results plain to see, I thought dermatology would be worthwhile.

After graduation I worked at a university hospital. At first, I was totally useless, but while being taught by senior doctors, I made the effort to copy and remember the more useful techniques. However, because of limits to treatment and equipment at the hospital, I gradually came to think that I’d rather treat people on my terms. I felt I needed to treat and talk directly to my patients in order to fulfill my goal of giving them the best dermatology treatment. This led me to thinking of opening my own hospital.

I tried to design my hospital through my patients’ eyes. Many patients are afraid of asking questions since they are afraid it would annoy their doctor, so I tried to create a relaxing atmosphere in which patients can casually ask questions. I think it was a good idea and it works well.

I will try hard so that I show all the things that I have learned to make sure my patients are as satisfied with their treatment as possible. Some people may have little trouble with their skin, but various changes will occur with aging and I want to offer medical care and information to allow people to grow old comfortably.

I also want to implement orthomolecular medicine as a way to cure chronic inflammation.

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Torii Dermatology Clinic
Ishikawa Prefecture
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