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Sobudai Neurosurgical Clinic

DR. Takahiro Kato

Kagawa Prefecture
Message to young people
Nowadays, various environments are changing rapidly and this means a chance to easily get out of “meaningless competition,” but this is not something you should feel bad about. In other words, by recognizing and adapting to changes without competing against others, it is possible to improve your performance compared to those who do not recognize the changes. Therefore, this is a time full of opportunities. I strongly recommend quickly giving up “meaningless competition.”

When I was working as a doctor in a hospital, I saw many stroke victims brought in by emergency workers. After suffering a stroke, people require lengthy rehabilitation and aftercare. Furthermore, many stroke victims are middle-aged and in the prime of their lives, meaning the stroke affects not only the victim, but also their families.

However, because a stroke is a lifestyle disease, the risk of suffering a stroke can be offset by improving one’s lifestyle and I began to think of ways to prevent strokes before they occur. At that time, I was invited by my former boss to open a clinic. I felt the timing was right and decided to open the business immediately.

My clinic offers rehabilitation following neurosurgery and we provide treatment for strokes, cerebral infarctions and cerebral hemorrhaging. However, these disorders are lifestyle-related diseases that can be most easily prevented by improving one’s lifestyle and habits. Therefore, we also act as a "health consultant," offering health advice to patients before they suffer from these things.

The stress that people have today seems to be the worst in history. Computers and smartphones ten years ago were not as predominant as they are now. In other words, the number of people suffering from stress is increasing. In addition, I think that there could be problems caused by low-quality items such as cosmetics or junk food. The human being can maintain good health only if they live a human life. Also, human beings are creatures that can adapt to change without detracting from their wellness even if the environment has changed to some extent. But now society changes so fast people have trouble keeping up.

People who notice such environmental changes and live being aware of them can maintain good health, but there are many who do not have such a sense of impending crisis. As I mentioned above, lifestyle-related diseases affects entire families and furthermore, as lifestyle-disease sufferers increase, so do medical expenses. It is a problem for the whole country because it is expected that government funds for medical expenses will run out.

Health is not only defined by not being sick, but also having one’s physical condition well-balanced and feeling comfortable. Ideally, it is the state in which people feel good simply breathing. It would be ideal if people could spend every day in such a state.

All I can do is enlighten people to promote the prevention of disease. Unfortunately, I have only been able to advise only those people who are interested in their health, but I would like to help more people as a health consultant.

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Sobudai Neurosurgical Clinic
Kanagawa Prefecture
Cranial nerve surgery, health care and consultation