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Shin Kobe Dental Clinic

CEO Yoshiro Fujii

Message to young people
There are many illnesses with unknown causes. However, there are definitely reasons for these maladies and we should search for the causes from various viewpoints. When seeking the causes, we should use our feelings and sensitivity as much as we can.

We often see athletes strenuously gritting their teeth to maximize their strength. However, not every athlete can maximize their strength by gritting their teeth.

I have long studied athletes' performance and occlusion, which is the fit of the upper and lower teeth when the jaws are closed. Good occlusion enhances balance and improves performance in many sports.

However, I found gritting their teeth is not necessarily good for all athletes. When I looked at video of powerlifters I found the number of lifters with their mouths open equal to the number of those with their mouths closed when lifting.

For some people, biting down can provide power. For others, power comes from opening their mouths widely. The important thing is to identify and repair poor occlusion, which dramatically harms athletic performance.

Those who cannot reach the full capacity of their strength when gritting their teeth probably have bad occlusion. Those who can reach their maximum power by biting down despite poor occlusion could have better balance if their poor occlusion were fixed.

Like many dentists, I graduated from a dental university and worked for various dental clinics. I opened the Shin Kobe Dental Office in Kobe in October 2000 and, like most dental clinics, my office treats cavities and other typical conditions, but I have mainly focused on occlusion.

I have spoken about occlusion at Columbia University in New York and other places across America and Asia.

Everywhere I go, my message is always the same: Good occlusion is the basis of health and physical strength and poor occlusion is easy to fix.

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Shin Kobe Dental Clinic
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